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How To Ask Your Girlfriend To Bust Your Balls

Posted by LDNBB Admin on Thu 11 Jul 2013 at 22:30

How To Ask Your Girlfriend To Bust Your Balls

So, you're in a relationship and you want to tell your girlfriend, fiance, wife that you're into ballbusting, it's a tricky topic to bring up. Here's our advice...

The easiest way to get a kick in the balls is of course to forget your anniversary, but if you're hoping for consensual busting without ending your relationship, you're going to have to ease her he gently.

Start of by asking her to play with your balls during foreplay, a little squeeze here and there, perhaps suggest that she can be "a little more rough" with you. Talk to her, let her know how much she can turn you on when she has you by the balls.

For a girl who's new to the fetish, it can seem like a pretty extreme thing to do to someone she loves, but as we know there are plenty of guys and girls in to it.

We're living in a modern world, if your comfortable enough with your girl to watch some porn together why not ask her to choose a video of a fetish she's into and then you can return the favour and give her a taster of what ballbusting is all about.

Let her feel the power of ballbusting, obviously it's a powerful feeling for a girl to floor a guy with a swift blow to the testicles. As you start to explore together, make sure you do all you can to give her that sense of control and power, she will get off on that feeling.

Above all, talk to her. Good communication is the most important thing in any relationship and it's equally important for both parties to make compromises in and out of the bedroom.


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