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How To Bust Your Own Balls

Posted by LDNBB Admin on Sun 25 Aug 2013 at 11:19

How To Bust Your Own Balls

For many men, the fun in being ball busted is the anticipation, not knowing when your mistress or master will strike and inflict pain to your groin. If you're horny and single it's easy enough to stroke on out but when it comes to ballbusting, autoeroticism is a little more difficult.

Here are some creative and popular ideas on how you can punish your own testicles.

Minty Fresh
Combine masturbation with cock and ball torture, instead of using lube cover your hand in a strong minty toothpaste. After a few second the cooling minty flavour will start to become quite intense. The best thing about this is that once you've smeared toothpaste all over your cock, you can't make it stop, it's just like being under a dom's control.

The Pendulum
Suspend a small weight from a fixed point like a ceiling hook or door frame. The weight needs to be at ball height. Push the weight away from your body and let gravity do the rest, the weight will swing back and slam in to your balls. It's a great way to self bust because the actual impact is out of your hand. Try closing your eyes to heighten the suspense.

Tashini's Tin Foil Torture
As suggested by Mistress Tashini, take an A4 size sheet of tin foil and scrunch it up into a ball, then unfold the ball so you have a very crinkled sheet of tin foil. Next, wrap it around your cock and hold it tightly in place as you start to stroke. Only the very brave will get even close to orgasm but for how long can you masturbate with your cock wrapped in its rough, shiny coating?

9 Volt Battery
TENS units and violet wand can be expensive but a fully charged 9 volt battery on a damp cock will give you a bit of a jolt.

If your woman is away and not able to bust your nuts in person then a tribute bust might be in order. Take a simple shoe, boot or trainer, hold it by the toe, lift your cock out of the way and beat your balls with the heel. This can be more or less intense depending on the shoe, you could go for a heavy boot or a pointy high heeled shoe.

Feeling Hot
This can be intense, and like with the toothpaste option it can be very effective as once you begin you are forced to ride out the torture, you can't go easy on yourself. The idea is simple, rub something hot and spicy in to your cock and balls, a spicy sauce or Deep Heat is perfect. Take it slow, at first you may not feel the burn but you soon will!

Bands And Rulers
When you slap your own balls, there's no surprise, you know what's coming, it's not the same sensation as having someone else slap your balls. You can make the experience a little more intense by slipping an elastic band around your ball sack so your testicles are held tightly together in the end of the scrotum, this way they are very vulnerable and just a little tap feels far more intense. Now, take a plastic ruler and instead of a hard whack, give your self a series of soft but relentless taps.

Bouncy Balls
Sit with your legs spread, facing a wall, toes touching the wall. Take one bouncy ball and roll it hard towards the wall, of course it will bounce back and if your aim is good it should smack you square in the nuts.

The Executioner
A dramatic title but "The Executioner" is nothing more than a £10 bug zapper, it looks like a tennis racket and is traditionally used for swatting flies but that's not all you can swat with the electrified meshed racket. A few taps and slaps of your balls and you'll feel like you've had a night with one of London's top dominatrix.

The Toilet Seat
How humiliating would it be to wince and scream as your balls are crushed by a filthy toilet seat? You can either let the seat slam down hard on to your balls or, if you are allow hanger you may even be able to slip your balls under the seat while you sit on top. Be careful as this will effectively trap your balls under your own weight and you may find it hard to get up.


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